Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some more complaint links

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Some more satellite complaint links.

Good reading. Also allows you to learn what some installers do to make an extra 100 bucks on the install or repairs.

Both from the United States.

Wildblue .


And some people say how nice it is to get ISP tech support that is from your own country. But is the ISP's tech support still reading from the same script that would of been outsourced to another country?

An update... If you need repairs to your purchased equipment and the support worker says you have to extend your contract to get repairs? You are being scammed. You do not have to extend your contract to get repairs. The support worker makes more money in bonuses for the more people that they can get to sign up for an extended contract..

Feb 17 2008...
Also a complaint from some Hughesnet users in the States. Outside of contract and system just dies. No problem with the equipment. User calls in and Hughesnet(even WildBlue in some reviews) will want to send out a tech for about $100 minimum, to 'fix' the customers unit. Customer disagrees and won't have that happen. System mysteriously comes back to life 5 minutes later. Or customer gets hooked in to a new two year contract for 'upgrading' older equipment and old system comes back to life.


Adding in another Bloggers post. The interesting thing in the post is where the user complained about speeds to support and then for about 8 hours had proper speeds before they dropped down again. Coincidence? Or Xplornet/Telesat upping the speeds during the time tech support tells the customer to test their speeds and reports them back to Xplornet. More users have reported this on Xplornet services, Wireless and Satellite. Remember you are just little programs on the system. Where your speeds can bet set to certain parameters.... But thats why you do tests throughout your service term, so when you call support, you have un-biased numbers.


Heres one for users that get the run around when their WireLess signal keeps dropping out.

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