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Hughesnet Ka band in Canada

Telesats spot beam map of the Anik F2..

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Beam 19 , 28 , 6 , are closed as of this posting. The two beams of the Anik F3 are covering the Ontario portions that are closed. Or if you go to and type in your Postal Code and the packages displayed will tell you what is still available.... So you will know that if you call support and they blame you for your connection being slow, you can see that beam capacity is a good reason.

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Hughesnet Canadian Spot beam map of the Spaceway3.

Hughesnet Ka band in Canada.

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Hughesnet, Spaceway3 KA band satellite.
Is covering the southern portion of Canada. The second generation KA band consumer Internet satellite. Reviews at the time of this posting are about 60% good, 40%bad, but some people did not know they were on it, and no time scale noted for the tweaking to be finished. As the satellite is still being tweaked to operate at the best efficiency. One million estimated users to be put on it. The HN9000 modem is how you easily tell what system you have. The heavily loaded KU band satellites have the HN7000 and the HN6000 and the older 4000 modems. And as far as I've been able to find online, is that the Spaceway3 does have DAMA on it for home users. service ranging from a constant rate to on-demand bandwidth allocation
For some reviews.

Link to Spot Beam map for entire Hughesnet Spaceway3 satellite.

Most Spaceway maps show only the 112 uplink beams, rather than trying to show the 784 microcells used for downlinks. Microcells used in order to be able to push out more bandwidth to the needed areas in a spot beam.

Being sold by Xplornet(since Telesats beams are filling up or full) and Galaxy Broadband. Xplornet is enticing customers to get the 3 year contract by various signing bonus's. But No contract is more consumer friendly and helps the supplier keep customers by providing great service. Instead of a one sided contract that does violate consumer protection laws.... In the United States, contracts like this are being killed by the Government and Judges for being anti-consumer.

FAP policy is a certain MB of data transfer and then you get throttled to sub-dialup speeds for 24 hours...... Upload speeds are still crap..... So you still need to be careful on any downloading, videos, streaming music, etc.
And a reminder that Hughesnet has continued to drop FAP levels. But hopefully they have hit the bottom.
No FAP between 3am to 6am eastern time. Thats when you do the big downloads.
Also remember that with just browsing, you could generate 10 MegaBytes of data transfer over an hours time. So YouTube videos could be about 7 to 20 MB per video or Apple movie pre-views could be about 20MB to 30MB.... Music streaming at 100Kbps could generate a large amount of data, So you try to find a station that streams at 30Kilo bits per second.
So don't expect the world of the Internet to be at your knees groveling for you to see it all.
Nov 11 2008 Update(probably for Canada as well)
Currently, the hours of unrestricted use for a subscribers with a DW6000, DW7000 or HN7000S model modems are 2:00 AM to 7:00 AM eastern time The hours of unrestricted use for subscribers with a HN9000modem are currently from 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM eastern time, with plans to expand these times in the month of December.

Home packages
Basic lite 200 MB
Basic 200 MB
pro 300 MB

business packages

Pro plus 425 MB 1.6Mbps
Elite 500 MB
Elite plus 500 MB

Hughesnet FAP policy.

Hughesnet Expected Speeds.. How accurate?

Rogers Portable Internet. Availability is limited, but expanding..
There is also Bell as well with the same system.

And here is a link to the newest, third generation KA band consumer Internet satellite.
Bringing Subscribers What They Want.Current satellite systems aren’t designed for the high bandwidth applications that people want, such as video, photo sharing, VoIP, and peer-to-peer networking. The solution is to increase the capacity of the satellite and give customers more bandwidth at the same price.
This ones name should be the AnikG1 , according to some information from a couple of years ago. Estimated user capacity is 2 million users. But how Telesat will integrate it in to the current satellites without upping the price by 3 times or dropping prices on the current satellites by half.. Even though the current satellites Anik F2 is set to expire in about 2019(15 year life span from 2004). And Anik F3(15 year life span from 2007).

And heres a link to a failed TRIA (The thing at the end of the dish that the cables connect too)..
It is probably a first generation unit. The first and second generation units had water infiltration problems.
And selling things with known deficiencies is alway wrong and punishable.

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